Paul Mellon by William Orpen (1924). Currently in the Paul Mellon Collection of the Yale Center for British Art. Rights: public domain.

“Pumpkin Jack” and the author think about manure and its equivalents. A still from a class video.

Though maybe it’s early to judge, the manure-filled classrooms that the pandemic gave us do have a pony or two hidden somewhere. We can use what we learned to be better teachers and better learners.

Alice In Wonderland vibes move an old chair from castaway to usable. A reflection on restoration and renewal by a guy who’s going through both.

My father claimed that wood putty “hides a multitude of sins.”

Kick-off of the 2019 Almost Annual Seersucker Seminar at Duke University

Two baskets of the hoard. The rest chilling in the fridge.

Before the race, two young men give final instructions to a race car driver through the door window.
Last checks before the start. Faces are still fresh and voices loud enough to rise over the roar.

Mark DeLong

Mark DeLong writes, researches, and teaches at Duke University. He is currently writing a book on the automobile and the power of art in America.

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